In Pitching Your Business, Take Every 'No' As a 'Not Now,' Says This Founder

Within the women Entrepreneur collection My First actions, we talk to founders about that pivotal moment when they decided to turn their business concept into a reality and the first steps they took to make it occur. In 2010, Nahema Mehta turned into working on Wall Avenue, taking part in a high-quality deal of achievement and hating every minute of it. To preserve herself sane and focused on something she loved, she released a fresh facet hustle called art Remba, an internet primarily based subscription provider that linked young artwork lovers with artwork sellers, helping facilitate purchases with none of the intimidation that often comes with stepping into a gallery for the first time. Inside the years that followed, Mehta would build a passionate customer base and community of galleries sufficient to leave her Wall street process and in the end trap the eye of Absolut, which became looking to launch sparkling ventures past the sector of vodka.

The founder’s brainchild changed into purchased by means of the employer in 2014 and developed into Absolut art, of which Mehta now serves as CEO. And even though she’s still baffled through the fact that she’s leading this operation “I in no way idea of myself as an entrepreneur until a person else referred to as me that” she is aware of how she came via by no means taking no for a solution.

1. Identify what you like.
Struggling to discover happiness on Wall avenue, Mehta started to explore her passions. “I’d wake up depressing,” she says. “I knew something became incorrect, and that I began searching out something to do on the side, to hold me fulfilled.” Mehta, who had, in brief, worked at Sotheby’s, changed into continuously receiving compliments from friends about the artwork striking in her rental. They could continually ask me wherein I was given it, and I was like, I’m taking you to the gallery so that you can sooner or later get rid of the Che Guevara poster from the university. When she found out that beginner artwork enthusiasts and galleries were failing to connect, the lightbulb went off. “Galleries are intimidating, and shopping for artwork is scary,” she says. “but galleries are hungry for clean customers.” She dreamed up a provider that could permit consumers to browse art online and test it out of their houses a lease to buy model. If a person is buying a $10 million piece, a gallerist will often permit them to live with it for 2 weeks, she says. “We had to enlarge that courtesy to other human beings.”

2. Communicate to your target market.
Due to the fact she changed into still operating her day process, Mehta could wake up each morning at four am to recognition on artwork Remba, and use any spare time throughout everyday enterprise hours to talk approximately her idea with each person and each person. “I did not preserve my concept a mystery,” she says. “ideas are a dime a dozen; it’s all approximately execution.” She tapped into her personal network younger folks who were hesitant to become art proprietors in addition to the art international, contacts she had from that stint at Sotheby’s and commenced asking what people needed, what people desired. “'What do you need; how am I able to assist?'” she recollects asking. “I requested the gallerists, and that I asked the purchasers. And then you definitely just resolve every person problem.”

3. Barter for what you want.
Enjoy in building a website? zero, Mehta admits. but the digital representation of her emblem could either make or damage the whole concept, so she once again tapped into her community to find the sources and skills she wanted. A chum of a friend code and a friend of a pal designed, she says. “However at this factor, I could simplest have the funds to pay one.” So she requested if she had any talents that her new personnel should find beneficial and that they jumped at the hazard. “I exchanged one hour of French instructions for one hour of coding lessons from the coder,” she says. “Even supposing I'm able to do that with information, I used to be mastering. You don’t want to recognize the whole lot as a founder, but you want to recognize enough to name bullshit.” The coder’s French, she’s proud to record, stays conversational.

4. Cognizance of your pitch.
In 2010, the art global became no longer brief to embrace the net. “I got resistance from everyone,” Mehta says. “humans had been scared that this would usurp their present commercial enterprise exercise.” Information that fear would end up key to Mehta’s eventual fulfillment. “My pitch became much less about ‘Come on the line to promote art,’ and more approximately ‘Wouldn’t you like to increase your attain with the aid of XYZ? permit me to assist you to add in your present-day environment with new tools,’” she says. Even then, it took endurance she’d pitch the same gallery as many as eight instances before they’d even begin listening. “They one hundred percentage did no longer want to look me anymore,” she laughs.

5. Brag about your fulfillment.
Mehta concept that if she should just get one big-name gallery to sign up with art Remba, others might observe. “I supply massive credit to Leila Heller Gallery, who simply were given it at once,” she says. “From there, I’d use little hints to encourage confidence I’d take the Leila Heller ebook under my arm as I walked into a new assembly. And if that gallery signed on, I’d take theirs, too. So via the end of an afternoon, I’d have maybe five splendid gallery books in my arms at the closing meeting to pique that interest and mitigate that worry. You simply have to be chronic take each ‘no’ as a ‘now not now. It worked. The bootstrapped startup didn’t take long to trap on “We have been profitable within 3 months of being absolutely operational.”
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